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Common Words in the Old Language in Magic, Monsters, and Me

Pàletas Commùna veo Minérvanas veo Qu'el, Manitáurus Êma

Welcome to The World of The Old language

Àvenelcáumo ãe Orbo sie Minérvanas

Stay Magical!/ Esta Qu'elicallen!

As you read "Magic, Monsters, and Me, the first book in the Magicals' Alliance Series, you'll notice that the characters speak their own language, which they call Minervanas or, more commonly, the Old Language. A blend of the four languages of the regions comprising Minerva: Minra, Passoneana, Vana'a and Mã-Lo. The language has characteristics of the Romance languages of Europe; similar cognates derived from Passoneana, a dialect of latin, as well as the use of gendered words when referring to people (masculine, feminine). Unlike, Romance languages, the Old Language includes a gender neutral or non-binary term:

  1. A- feminine

  2. O- masculine.

  3. U-neutral/non-binary

Examples: Coaugelo, a male Glimmerer. Coaugela, a female Glimmerer. Coaugelu, a non-binary Glimmerer, and also the gender for the group as a whole.

Common Words Used in Magic, Monsters and, Me:

Puxhàredo- {Pooh-shah-red-oh)(Slang) Eff, eff off, eff this, eff everyone, for effing sake, oh eff! Variants: Pùxha {Pooh-shah}, 'reddo {Red-doh}

Senlàpso- {Sen-lop-soh} Fool, foolish, confused,

Ditmêro- {Dit-mare-oh} (Slang)-dork, goober.

Coaugelu- {Koh-Wah-Zhel-Ooh} (from the verb, coaugèlarr, to sparkle or glimmer) Glimmerer, warrior, knight.

Encantreinu- {En-Kan-Tree-Nooh} (from the verb, encantrar, to create, to make magic). Magician, mage.

Antécallantu- {Ahn-tuh-kah-lan-tooh} (from the verb, Antécallar, to live forever, eternal, immortal, never-ending) the Immortals, Gods and Goddesses.

Máunadu- {Mow-nah-dooh} (from the Dark Language word, Mäu, a fallen Immortal, a Goddess of the Darkness; also a coven, group of monsters) Witches, sorceresses.

Àzmadu- {Oz-mah-doo) {from the verb Àzmadenêrr, to withdraw life, to suckle, to deflate) Vampires.

Malloupu- {Mahl-looh-pooh}- (combination of two words; mal, bad and loupu, wolf) werewolf.

Morpheimu- {More-fee-moh) (from the verb morphèmarr, to change, to transform, to change shape.) Shapeshifter, creature that changes shape or whose shape is amorphous.

Qu'el- {Coo-el}- Magic

Allégansa- {Ah-luh-gahn-sah)-Alliance

Qu'elicantus- {Coo-el-ih-kahn-tooh} Magicals'

Bona Bonimenta- {Boh-nah Bohn-ih-men-tah}, the Book of White Magic.,

Malac Malactańena- {Mah-lock Mah-lock-tahn-yen-ah} Book of Dark Magic, also the umbrella term for black magic.

Amora- {Ah-mohr-ah} Love

Amùar or Amùarr- {Ah-moo-ar} (verb) to love.

Careńo- {Kar-en-yoh}- Beloved, dear, to care for.

Bandêrà- {Bahn-dair-ah}- the Internet

Orboallen- {Or=boh-ahl-en}-Global, worldwide, from Orbo, globe, world.

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