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Sales Milestone

Thanks to all my readers for giving Magic, Monsters and Me a chance and loving it!

Cor Commensimenta sieć Umnavesso

The Origins of the Universe according to the lore of the Magicals. In the beginning, after the Big Bang, the universe was a swirl of...

Thanksgiving on Old Earth.

A day of thanks is celebrated in Minerva every year. Thanksgiving in Minerva Called Delloma siec Dêbarassimenta Or day of the Great...

Review of Magic, Monsters, and Me

Today's queer small press review! Maryann reviews "Magic, Monsters and Me" by Timoteo Tong, The Magicals' Alliance Book One: "At the age...

Ocho’s scrapbook:

Ocho is Elijah’s stuffed octopus and central to his story. He’s travelled with Elijah all over the world. See more in the video

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