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Stay Magical

Timoteo Tong's imagination knew no bounds from an early age, as he grew up in Burbank, Southern California, dreaming of a life in a Victorian mansion, where he would bravely battle the likes of vampires, werewolves, and witches. Fueling his fantastical adventures were the works of literary giants such as L. Frank Baum, CS Lewis, and JRR Tolkien, whose fantasy books transported him to enchanting realms beyond his wildest dreams.

At a tender age of eight, Timoteo penned his very first book, a delightful tale featuring his beloved stuffed cocker spaniel's extraordinary journey as it married a playful duck. This early foray into storytelling ignited a passion within him, leading him to explore the magic of words and the world of creativity ever since.

Currently calling San Francisco home, Timoteo resides with his husband, surrounded by a captivating sanctuary of plants and books. Amidst savoring his favorite indulgences—cheese pizza and donuts—Timoteo finds solace in the realms of writing, drawing, and taking long naps. Alongside his creative pursuits, he actively embraces a healthy lifestyle by dedicating time to workouts that invigorate both body and mind.

As Timoteo continues to nurture his boundless imagination, he holds on to a cherished dream: the hope that someday he will soar through the skies with the miraculous gift of flight. A storyteller at heart, he aspires to share his captivating worlds with readers, enchanting them just as his favorite authors once enchanted him, and inspiring others to dream beyond the confines of reality.

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