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Welcome to the World of The Magicals' Alliance!

The Magicals' Alliance is a series of books exploring the young men and women who fight the monsters lurking in the shadows of our world. In the closets, under the beds, in the alleys, canyons and underpasses. Magicals, as they are known, have fought to keep ordinary humans, those without magic, safe from the terror and darkness of the Coven-as monsters are known collectively-since the dawn of time.

Each volume of the books delves into the lives of a member of the affluent and influential Delomary family. We join them as they discover their place in the Alliance-the organization tasked with safekeeping Ordinaries and maintaining the balance of the universe-struggle with the burden of being Magical and battle monsters!

The central theme of each book is exploring the bonds of family, friendship and the meaning of love. The Alliance is about love. And we follow along as the Delomary's discover the flicker of romance traveling along with them on the ups and downs of the bloom of love.

The Delomary family is a large, courageous, warm and loyal family. When you open a book you become part of the family. As we say in the Old Language; Avenalcáumo âe Corpo!

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