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This exclusive excerpt of the sequel to Magic, Monsters, and Me, titled "Resurrecting My Magic," is only for my newsletter subscribers!

"...Austin chewed on his burgers and zoned out. The hair on my arms began to rise, and I felt a sickness in my stomach. I looked at Austin, and he was already on his feet.


Barn grabbed his burger from the window, wolfed half down, set the rest on the table, and ran after Austin and me to the parking lot. From the night sky, several black figures dropped onto the cracked asphalt. They were beautiful, with jet-black hair, red eyes, and fangs bared.


“We have a message for you, Elijah,” a female Àzmada stepped forward. “You were stripped of your power, and now you think you can become a Coaugelo? We won’t allow it. The Gloom is in disarray because of you and your allegiances. We want you dead and worm food on the ground.”

Austin summoned his PlasmX, followed by Barn.

“This isn’t my first time at the rodeo,” I said, pulling out my PlasmX. The Àzmadus hissed at us.

“We’re prepared to destroy you, Magicals,” the head Àzmada said to Austin and Barn. “If you are smart, you’ll crawl back to your cribs and suckle milk from a bottle, and let us destroy the once-powerful Bane of the Gloom!”

“I’m still the Bane of the Gloom!” I shouted, tossing my PlasmX into the air. It spun around the Àzmadus, drawing energy off them. They faltered.

“Great,” she said. “Well, you don’t have an Encantreinu as backup, so we shall destroy you!”

I asked Austin, “Do we need an Encantreinu to battle?”

“It’s the preferred method, but like many rules in life, it's not a necessity,” he explained. “Remember, I fought monsters with just my parents!”

“Are you two sharing secrets?” the head Àzmada asked.

“Yeah, how we are going to destroy you, slag!”

The Àzmada lunged for Austin, who leaped into the air. She followed suit, grabbing his leg and pulling him back to the ground. Barn launched himself at the other Àzmadus. In a split second, the battle was on. Barn headbutted an Àzmado while stabbing his PlasmX into another. Austin was in hand-to-hand combat with the head Àzmada. I stood on the periphery, unsure what to do.

“Good night!” a voice called before something hard came down on my head......

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