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The Last Battle

More than one hundred years ago, a fierce battle unfolded. It was a clash between the ordinaries, the monsters, and the Magicals. Long ago, these three forces collided, each fighting for their own cause.

Ordinaries, the everyday people, stood their ground, defending their homes and loved ones. With courage in their hearts, they fought valiantly, using their wit and determination to protect what they held dear.

Monsters, creatures of darkness and chaos, emerged from the shadows. Their menacing presence threatened to engulf the land in fear and despair. But the ordinaries refused to surrender, standing tall against these formidable foes.

Amidst the chaos, the Magicals emerged, wielding extraordinary powers. With their mystical abilities, they sought to restore balance and harmony to the realm. Their magic sparkled in the air, illuminating the path towards victory.

The battle raged on, with each side unleashing their mightiest forces. The clash of swords, the roar of monsters, and the crackle of magic filled the air. It was a spectacle of epic proportions, a battle that would be remembered for ages to come.

In the end, it was the unity of the ordinaries, monsters, and Magicals that brought about a resolution. They realized that their differences could be their strength, and together, they forged a new era of peace and understanding. A treaty was signed, called the Pàcifimenta, which established the Alliance and the Coven, created to bring order to the universe and prevent tragedy.

As we remember this ancient battle, let us cherish the lessons it taught us. Let us embrace diversity, for it is through unity that we can overcome any challenge. May this tale inspire us to stand strong, fight for what we believe in, and create a world where all beings can coexist in harmony. Forces remain seeking to destroy the Pàcifimenta, destabilize the Alliance and Coven, and restore chaos and destruction to the universe.

The Magicals’ Alliance Series of books explores the forces at work in our universe seeking to destroy the peace, obliterate the sunlight and rein misery and chaos on Earth.

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