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Thanksgiving on Old Earth.

A day of thanks is celebrated in Minerva every year.

Thanksgiving in Minerva

Called Delloma siec Dêbarassimenta

Or day of the Great Ridding


Long ago Minerva was in crisis. Jitteroxha, a neighboring realm ruled by the Dark Lord (Dominens Mal) Muddo Rencelis, waged war on the far eastern provinces and controlled dozens of towns and villages. Queen Minerva the 5th died with no successor and the Quorum of Representatives was in disarray. In the vacuum a narcissistic, selfish and cunning creature rose to power. Lapideo cor Magna , the general of the First Badgers Battalion, an elite squadron of guards to the queen, seized control of La Biscayne.

As you know, there are two groups of talking and sentient animals in Minerva. The Fáunadus, or talking animals, mainly birds and rabbits, foxes, dogs and cats. And the Taxadermunus or the sentient stuffed animals created by an Astroístu on accident.  Lapideo was a taxadermuno, part of an elite group of stuffed badgers (Làpideo) with mean temperament and great skill for battle. Queen Minerva the 3 organized them into the Oardus Emprallen Làpideo Monirenta or the First Royal Badger Guards mandated to protect all government buildings and royal residences.

Lapideo was a restless badger with a disdain for authority and an amazing ability in hand to paw combat and could fire three pistolêros at once.

In the chaos of the collapse of the leadership of the quorum and sensing opportunity with no royal to take up residence, Lapideo marched into the Cáuradêro and proclaimed himself Monir Mutêssanto or First Representative the equivalent of the head of the quorum. In shock the other representatives of the Quorum failed to intervene and stop him. Lapideo then organized a great parade down the Passêo sie Pamas the main thoroughfare, riding in a tiny carriage shooting his plasma guns in the air. He stormed into the Ethedral sie Noa Adanm sie La Biscayne, the grand cathedral in the center of the city, interrupting a gathering of coaugelus deciding how to save Minerva. Lapideo raced down the main aisle avoiding the coaugelus and jumped up onto the shoulder of the Ulamana or the Bishopess bit her neck took the crown and placed it on his head.

He then marched to the Tacqo Paláujo and took up residence. The next day he marched to the border with Jitteroxha and eventually defeated Muddo returning a hero. Over time his fabric frayed and his batting wore out and he spent more and more time waging battles within the palace or shooting his pistolêros at locals or sitting in a corner of the palace arguing with himself. The Quorum grew stronger as his power diminished. A long lost cousin of Minerva the 5 appeared and gathered an army of coaugelus to retake the palace.

The battle fell on the second Thursday of November known as the Festa sie Esańa Martada or the feast of Saint Martha the Potionmaker. For five days war raged in La biscayne until finally Làpideo was rooted out of the palace, lashed to a pizza board and paraded around the Placa siec Aqei’aco until he surrendered.

Queen Minerva the 6th was crowned and Monirento Amullo Amaro was elected First Representative. The day was commererated as the Ridding and celebrated the second Thursday of November. Families return from afar to celebrate together with a lavish meal capped off with a cake called a Lapideo Fáusso, or a chocolate and rum cake shaped like a badger.


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