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Magic, Monsters, and Me

Volume One of the Magicals' Alliance includes two books. Magic, Monsters, and Me is book one--coming June 6, 2023. In the debut novel we meet the Delomary family--Eliijah, his mom, Belinda, his maternal aunt Christine along with her husband George Wong and his son Barnhard "Barn" Wong. We are introduced to the creation of light and dark ages ago. The struggle between the forces of good, the Magicals' and the evil creatures called monsters. We learn of the founding of the Magicals' Alliance and meet the hierarchy of individuals who form the Alliance. From the Áuqala to the Coaugelus who work together to maintain the order of the universe. Where Ordinaries and Magicals live in the Shimmering of the sun and the monsters stay in the darkness of the Gloom, unable to do harm.

Magic, Monsters, and Me follows Elijah from the spark of coming to terms to who he is, gradually accepting his identity and the bloom of first love. Along the way he must manage the expectations of his overbearing mother-determined he not follow in the footsteps of his foolish and careless father--while navigating what it means for him to become a man. Enter in his arch nemesis Devlina du Vel, the god formerly known as Pershephone, who he has clashed with twice before. Devlina has a plan to wipe out the world and recreate it in her image-with her in charge. Elijah is tasked with stopping her. Devlina lures Elijah with promises of power and influence if he join her cause. Elijah is adamant he will stop her. But is he brave enough to stand up to her?

Elijah is joined by his new best friend Austin Kang, Jr., a muscular, potent, and lauded Coaugelo with years of experience subduing monsters for the Anti-Coven League-a shadow operation of the Alliance. Austin is new to California, coming from Hong Kong with his parents, cousins of George Wong. Elijah and Austin meet on the first day of school. They are instantly attracted to each other and form a friendship based on silly rules Austin creates such as his rule to never drink lemon-lime soda but rather cola. Elijah is intrigued by the confident, athletic, quirky and charming Austin. As their relationship grows and develops over a long and cold winter in Los Angeles many challenges confront the boys. From run ins with monsters hellbent on destroying them to the pitfalls of love. As each of them struggle with growing up and becoming men will they be strong enough to overcome the obstacles in their way? Will love, win?

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