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Creating the Old Language.

Around 10 I had an epiphany. I was bored with English. So was born my passion for languages. I studied French in school. Which gave me a good understanding of the structure and rules around Romance Languages.

In school, most of my friends spoke a second language, Spanish, Armenian, Tagalog, Chinese. I began creating my own which I called Langra sie Minerva or the Language of Minerva. The language of the land of Minerva. Later known as the Old Language.

At the same time I taught myself Spanish, which greatly influenced the Old Language. In college, I studied Portuguese which further influenced the Old Language.

My friends have asked how do I create words. Sometimes, I'll adapt a word from another language. The words for "so" are "àlorr" and "entonsùa" both derived from French and Spanish respectively. Or, words bubble to the surface. Today, on the way to work, the word "Sùncouso" bubbled to the surface.

Sùncouso, Noun: a bauble, decoration; bracelet, usually of the craft kind.

More to come...

*Stay Magical*

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