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Updated: Jan 16


The equivalent of Christmas on Old Earth is called No'auel and is celebrated on the winter solstice.

No’auel—n. Solstice; in Minerva the winter solstice is celebrated with a week long festival running through Èrevetqo, the celebration of the New Year. Major events include the “Èfesta siec Solja”, meaning the Festival of the Sun, a parade, winter market and a sporting competition. Minervans travel home to be with family, where they share a large meal. Traditional dishes include noodles (luck), fish, (abundance), sweets (a flavorful life), chocolate (longevity) and bread (wealth).


The day of the solstice commemorates the day Zid’dra attempted to destroy the sun and plunge the solar system into darkness and turn the Shimmering into the Gloom. Zid’dra rode his golden chariot to Morra Êímpagońena, captured the Immortals and kidnapped their leader, Cupidêro, known as Jupiter, the Sun God. Máurso, the God of War, returned from a successful campaign to rid Southern Minerva of witches, saw Cupidêro being taken away and launched a war with ten thousand Coaugelus. Many lives were lost, but before Zid’dra was able to send the sun into the great Excelà, Máurso and his legions defeated Zid’dra. Balama, one of the Three Queens, banished Zid’dra to the Gloom. Not before he cast a spell causing the nights to grow longer for six months of the year.


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