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Cor Commensimenta sieć Umnavesso

The Origins of the Universe according to the lore of the Magicals.


In the beginning, after the Big Bang, the universe was a swirl of charged particles in a vacuum presided by a creature called Zid’dra. It was like a cosmic dance, with Zid’dra grooving counterclockwise, creating some funky music along the way. Then, from the aftermath of that explosion came the proto Antécallantus and the Têrso Empras, these beings made of positive particles moving in sync but opposite to Zid’dra. They teamed up and birthed the Áuqala, a powerhouse fueled by their energy that started spinning clockwise, kickstarting time itself. As this energy flowed out, it birthed life, filling the void with light and positivity.

But, things got heated—literally. The particles started getting too jumpy, and life started flickering dangerously. That’s when Zid’dra stepped in, balancing things out by slowing down those hyperactive particles. This intervention caused a massive explosion, sealing the two forces at their poles. The Áuqala took charge of fostering life, while Zid’dra oversaw the darker side of things. Their tug-of-war creates the gravity that holds the universe in place.

Zid’dra's quite the shape-shifter, going through twelve forms as he spins counterclockwise through his own time. These "houses" include a mix of beings like the half-goat-half-man, the fire-breathing stallion, and even the grim reaper. Meanwhile, the zodiac, or Sordàstro, counterbalances Zid’dra's transformations and represent months of the year.

The Áuqala, on the other hand, isn’t immortal but adaptable. They move through three stages—maiden, mother, crone—before morphing into a supernova. Right now, Evangeline Delomary’s in the spotlight, picked to lead the Magicals and bring them together after the Last Battle. She’s in her maiden stage, learning the ropes.

This tension between Áuqala and Zid’dra keeps the universe in check. Depending on where Magicals live and their beliefs, the origin stories vary. One of these tales, called Rotarararianism, tells of Santala Maráya and Santalo Siddhartho creating the universe. It’s a philosophy more than a religion, focusing on growth and self-realization rather than the afterlife. Rotaratarians gather in Ilgrêjas, led by an Ulama and an Imamo, representing both female and male energy for balance. The goal? To ponder life and seek guidance in living by their seven tenets.

It’s believed that the discord on Earth stems from the imbalance between genders and rigid roles, suppressing the power of females and non-binary folks. In this tangled cosmic dance, finding balance seems to be the key to unlocking harmony.


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